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About us

There are many reasons why business and financial experts consider Vietnam to be one of the most dynamic, entrepreneurial environments in the world.

With a very young population of nearly 95 million people and a GDP of $171 Billion (USD), Vietnam continues to create a climate inviting global investment opportunities.

It is our belief that the more information and knowledge people have about Vietnam, the fewer misconceptions they retain. This in turn lays a foundation allowing people to have an open mindset to all things Vietnam, including doing business and investing as well as supporting social charity organizations. Therefore, in many ways Business Lawyers offers much more than business and economic news.

We at Business Lawyers are firm believers that you can do well by doing goods. While Vietnam is a country of enormous opportunities, it is also a country so beautiful and worth living.  As a reflection of that philosophy it is our policy to provide full consulting services for business and for foreign investment in Vietnam.  We are also strong believers that Vietnam impact investing can be a mechanism to help solve many of these challenges.

Business Lawyers strives to be the premium provider of all things relevant to business and investment news in Vietnam. We have curated a fantastic team of content providers from Vietnam and who studies overseas to provide our client with the most current and well-informed insights and opinions on the Vietnam economy.

As a leading legal services provider, we are committed to do our best in supporting Entrepreneur to solve the most difficult problems in their business and life legally, effectively. Legal services of the Lawyer Business ensures the success of your business; affirm the leading position of your business in the competed market; lift Entrepreneur to a higher level in the working as well as in life; become difference people in the business community.

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