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How to get Vietnam Temporary Residence Card?

Temporary Residence Card

Foreigners who has a work permit already and who wish to stay in Vietnam for a long term without applying or renewing every 3 month visa need to have a temporary residence card issued by the authorized provincial office managing Entry and Exit under the Ministry of Public Security. This card acts as a proof of identity and an entry visa when a foreign traveler enters and exits Vietnam. Its validity lasts from 1 to 3 years. Here are basic regulations and procedures to apply for Temporary Residence Card (TRC):

Who can?

  • Be member of a limited company with at least 2 members
  • Be owner of one member Limited Company in Vietnam (except for Representative of being authorized)
  • Be member of Board of Directors of a Vietnamese Joint-stock Company
  • Foreign Lawyers are granted with law work permit in Vietnam
  • Foreign employers with related work permit working in Vietnamese enterprises or Representative offices of foreign company in Vietnam
  • Professionals, students, trainees working or studying in national programs and projects signed by ministries and approved by the Government
  • Be family member of those who were granted with Vietnam temporary or permanent residence card)

How to apply for Temporary Residence Card?

The procedure to obtain TCR comprises of these following documents:

  • The written request for TCR (form N7A), declaration of information on foreigners applying for TRC ( Form N7B) with 2 photos sized 3 x 4 cm
  • One copy of passport and visa ( bring the original for comparison)
  • One copy of legal profiles (bring the original for comparison) of the agency, organization or enterprise guaranteeing application for Vietnam temporary residence cards. Depending on specific cases, you may be required to bring Business registration Certificate or Investment Certificate or License for the establishment of representative office or company branch, one copy of wor permit (bring the original for reference)
  • Proof of temporary residence registration by ward police
  • For case of family member, the proof of relation includes birth certificates, marriage registration, family population book

Processing time and Fees

  • The processing time is 5 working days from the date of receiving complete documents; the renewal may take up to 14 days
  • The fee varies according to time you apply.

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