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How to make travel business in Vietnam?

Domestic & International Travel Permit

I am from Korea and would like to make business Travel (Inbound & Outbound) in Vietnam soon.

Please provide me all the requirements and procedure for that and also the time taken in the process.


(Seju, Korea)

Lawyers advising: We are pleased to provide you legal advice regarding to your request below.

Under Vietnam Law, if you wish to conduct business activities regarding to tourism service, you shall be required to setup a joint venture company with a local partner who has been granted license for international travel services.

We also would like to note that, foreign invested company is not allowed to provide outbound tour. For Inbound Tour, foreign invested company is only allowed to provide inbound tour for foreign tourists as a part of your tour arranged for foreign tourists to travel in Vietnam only and also tour guide must be Vietnamese citizen.

If you just to act as travel agent/tour agent, you can setup a wholly foreign invested company.

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